Jeffrey Leininger

Oct 11, 2017

Firefighter Jeffrey Leininger

Springfield Twp. Fire Department 

Cincinnati, OH

Date of Death: October 11, 2017

Age: 49
Years of Service: 21
Duty Status: Active
Veteran: No

Jeff devoted his life to serving his community through the fire service, at the time of his death he was a full time Lieutenant Firefighter and had spent 18 years as a Paramedic for Springfield Twp. Fire Department. Eager to serve his community, he was passionate about his work and an advocate for change with dispatch and the fire department. 

A family man, Jeff was the Boy Scout Den Leader for Pack 251 in Springdale, he loved spending time with his children and his interests varied from Legos to computers. He was easygoing enough to participate in whatever you were doing. He’d also happily give you the shirt off his back. An old soul, he was gentle, kind stubborn in a good way, patient and loved fiercely. He made a difference. His love for his wife changed her perspective on life. His passion will be deeply missed by many.

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